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[对外汉语吧] 瑞士法郎年薪10万(人民币70万),贵族学校 Teacher of Chinese Literature

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关于Aiglon College

Aiglon College is a co-educational international boarding school in Switzerland. Its campus is located at the village of Villars-sur-Ollon in the canton of Vaud, based at the foot of the Alps. The school motto is ‘God is my strength’. The Junior School teaches students from 9-13, and the Senior School from ages 13-18. The school is inspired by the nature of the British boarding school, and teaches for the IGCSE qualification. Aiglon is a member of three sporting organisations for schools in Switzerland, and competes in sports such as skiing, volleyball, football, and basketball. As well as focus on drama and music, students regularly get together to enjoy an eclectic range of one-off cultural activities, from performances by professional musicians or mime artists, to student-led debates and presentations.

Values and vision

Aiglon College utilises its natural setting of outstanding beauty, diverse and dynamic student body, highly experienced and motivated staff team, rigorous and broad curriculum, and global reputation in the provision of an exceptional educational experience. Through the balanced development of mind, body and spirit, the school fosters an appetite for a responsible life, well-led, in the quest for self-fulfilment and the service of others.

At Aiglon, there is a belief in inquiry-based learning. Students are challenged to go beyond the accumulation of factual knowledge and to address the greater questions that frame our world. Creativity and originality is celebrated as vital qualities that equip individuals to reach new horizons of knowledge, appreciation and understanding.

Our Guiding Principles

Our school was founded on a distinctive ethos: the balanced development of mind, body, and spirit. This philosophy underpins everything we do at Aiglon, both inside and outside the classroom.

Aiglon College came into being in 1949 as the living manifestation of John Corlette’s pioneering educational vision. As Founder of the school and its Head Master for 23 years he established a set of values and educational priorities which remain at the very core of Aiglon’s identity.

These guiding principles were articulated in the first decades of the school’s existence through a variety of statements expressed by the Founder. Since his death in 1977, succeeding generations of teachers and school leaders have sought to sustain the spirit, purpose and focus of John Corlette’s vision; the school’s growth, evolution and rapidly earned world-wide reputation bear witness to the timeless values of his vision and to the passion of those who have nurtured it and built upon it.

The school’s guiding principles as they have been articulated here make them memorable and more directly relevant to our students. They are drawn from detailed research into all the guiding statements, formal and informal, that have been published over the school’s 70 year history, with input from staff, students, alumni, parents and governors.

We have a responsibility to ensure that the school’s founding values and priorities continue to provide a strong and coherent foundation for the school. We must not see this as an obligation to resist change and evolution; indeed we have a duty to ensure that an Aiglon education remains relevant and appropriate for the young men and women of today, preparing them for a world in constant motion.


The development of the MIND focuses on the intellect and the capacity to think, learn and reflect powerfully and purposefully.

Aiglon seeks to challenge its students intellectually and academically, encouraging them to be inquisitive and motivated learners, able to reach an ever-growing understanding of the world around them through rigorous and critical thinking and the acquisition of a strong body of knowledge.

This process encourages respect for a range of ideas and opinions, acknowledging that learning requires a need for open-mindedness, humility and an interest in multiple perspectives. A respectful mind focuses not just on the self, but on others and the priorities of the world around us.

The world of the intellect and ideas requires recognition that we all carry responsibility. A well developed mind will reflect on issues of morality and rightful action, and accept that we must assume the consequences of our attitudes and actions. These responsibilities are to ourselves, to others and to our environment.

A well-developed mind can engage with the world in a diversity of ways. Alongside knowledge and reasoning it shows creativity, aesthetic awareness, judgement, freedom from prejudice and true breadth of interest.

A generous mind recognises the importance of service to others as an essential part of creating a harmonious and healthy society.


The development of the BODY focuses on physical fitness and the maintaining of an active and healthy lifestyle.

Aiglon education provides physical challenge to build strength, resilience and fitness as well as to build confidence and a sense of achievement as the rewards for physical effort.

This process builds respect, both for oneself and for others who undertake physical challenges. Respect for one’s body includes good living habits such as healthy diet, exercise, rest, personal cleanliness and tidiness.

Respect for one’s body requires making choices that reflect responsibility and the avoidance of habits that diminish fitness and physical aptitude.

The development of the body can take a diversity of forms. In addition to personal exercise regimes, physical development is promoted through team and individual sports, expeditions and performance. Furthermore, dexterity, co-ordination, sensitivity and awareness can be developed through a wide range of skills that include all the creative and performing arts.

A fit and able body means that physical effort can be applied in the service of others.


The development of the SPIRIT focuses on the essence of ourselves and the exploration of faith, service and purpose in life.

Developing the spirit represents a challenge to move beyond the intellectual and physical and to reflect on the deeper questions of existence. These questions may find answers through personal faith and through the teachings of Christ and other great teachers. This challenge also invites us to be “explorers” and to take risks. The concept of spirit embraces character, the emotions and the capacity to engage fully and confidently with the world in many contexts.

The developed spirit demonstrates respect for the feelings of others and a recognition that relationships are built on an understanding and acceptance of a common humanity that transcends divisions of wealth, culture, religion and ethnic identity.

By developing the spirit, a system of personal and collective values can be established which defines the individual and collective responsibility of the individual. This in turn shapes social awareness and the qualities of purpose, initiative and integrity that characterise effective leadership.

The spirit can be nurtured in a number of ways, through action or stillness, the spoken word or silent reflection. In addition our lives are enriched by the diversity of cultural approaches to the deeper questions about ourselves and our world.

The practical expression of the spirit – through generosity, humility, selflessness and compassion – is service to others, realised in many forms.


HMC and CIS accredited international boarding school in the Alps for 370 students aged 9 to 18 representing more than 60 nations.

Aiglon College enjoys a worldwide reputation for providing a broad and challenging education within a safe, caring and supportive environment. Students are prepared for IGCSE and the IB Diploma Programme.

The College seeks to appoint a suitably qualified

Teacher of Mandarin Literature and Language
to join the school from August 2021

Candidates are expected to participate fully in pastoral care and the co-curricular programme of a busy boarding school.

Deadline for applications: 21st March 2021. Interviews will take place during the week of the 22nd March 2021. Early applications are encouraged.

Aiglon is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. Applicants will therefore need to undergo child protection screening appropriate to the post.

Full details and application instructions for this post are available on our Employment Opportunities webpage found under News & Info on our website.
Aiglon College is an international boarding school based in the Swiss Alps with a worldwide reputation for providing a challenging holistic education in an inspiring setting within a safe, caring and supportive framework. The School is CIS accredited, and caters for 375 students aged 9-18 representing 64 nations. Students prepare for IGCSEs and the IB Diploma Programme.
Teachers are expected to make a significant contribution to the ethos of Aiglon.The expectation is that staff will be positive and contribute enthusiastically to the life and work of the school.
The school wishes to appoint, for August 2021, a Teacher of Mandarin Literature and Language. The ideal candidate for this position would be a native-level speaker of Mandarin, experienced in IB teaching, with a proven track record of achieving excellent IB results in A1 Literature and Language. Applications from candidates who offer a second teaching subject would be particularly well received.
The World Language department consists of 20 full-time and part-time teachers. It is a busy, highly professional department, with an emphasis on teamwork and the sharing of good practice. As might be expected in a languages department in an international school, our main philosophical aim is to ensure diversity; to this end, we try to offer as wide a variety of languages as possible. The main languages on offer are French, German, Spanish and Italian, but we have students taking Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Dutch and Russian.
Mandarin is taught to native-level speakers in small groups throughout the school. There are also a number of students who choose to study Mandarin as an additional language.
The department is based in a well-resourced, designated languages centre, equipped with two computer suites for use as language laboratory and extended learning zone.

This job description is additional to the basic duties outlined in the Aiglon College contract of employment in accordance with the school’s policies and guiding principles, and under the direction of the Head of School. A summary of the key accountabilities is included below.
● Carry out teaching duties and exercise responsibilities in line with the Guiding Principles of Aiglon College and the Guiding Principles for Learning.
● Treat all members of the community, colleagues and students, with respect and consideration. Treat all students fairly, consistently and without prejudice.
● Set a good example to students in terms of appropriate dress, standards of punctuality and attendance.
● Read and adhere to the various policies of the school as expressed in the School Handbook and other agreed documentation, and support the ethos of the school by upholding the behaviour code, uniform regulations and other expectations.
● Take responsibility for own professional development (both pastoral and academic) and participate in staff training including the staff weekly inset programme, in line with the CPD programme of Aiglon College.
● Reflect on personal practices as well as the practices of the school with aim of continuous improvement and participation in appraisal and self-evaluation activities.
● Participate in the operation of school by attending various team and staff meetings such
as departmental meetings as called by the Head of Department and full school
meetings to discuss student progress.
● Undertake pastoral and other duties as prescribed within school policies.
● Ensure that all deadlines are met as published in the school calendar and as directed by
the Head of Department/Director of Learning/Deputy Head/Head of School
● Undertake professional duties that may be reasonably assigned (e.g. cover and exam
● Be proactive and take responsibility for matters relating to health and safety.
● Be actively involved in any co-curricular activities that the Head of School or Deputy
Head/Director of Learning may reasonably request.
● Teach up to an average of 21 academic lessons per week, in accordance with departmental schemes of work and programmes of study.
● Liaise with relevant colleagues on the planning of units of work for collaborative delivery.
● Work in collaboration with Aiglon’s programme of support for students with specific learning difficulties, as directed by the Head of Learning Support or the Director
● Take account of students' prior levels of attainment and baseline data and use these to
set targets for future improvements.
● Set work for students absent from class for health disciplinary or co-curricular reasons.
● Where appropriate, prepare students thoroughly for public examinations including the
marking and moderation coursework as required by the Head of Department or Director
of Learning.
● Promote technology for learning.
Maintain good discipline by adherence to the advice given to colleagues in the Studies Handbook and elsewhere, and by the Head of Department and Deputy Head/Director of Learning.
● Set high expectations for students' behaviour by establishing a purposeful working atmosphere in lessons and in the boarding environment.
● Set appropriate and demanding expectations for students' learning, motivation and presentation of work, in line with agreed school policies.
● If appropriate, tutor in an assigned Boarding House, exercising best practice in pastoral care and providing guidance and encouragement to students, as guided the Assistant Heads, the Senior Tutor and the Deputy Head.
● Make contact with tutees’ parents as per tutor guidelines as outlined by the senior tutor
● Meet your tutees individually on a weekly basis
● If appropriate, act as a tutor in an assigned Boarding House, exercising best
practice in pastoral care and providing guidance and encouragement to students, as directed by Houseparents and Deputy Heads. This will include the need to attend scheduled meetings at the Houseparents’ or Deputy Heads’ discretion and meet with students outside of formal meeting times;
● Assume House duties. At present, house duties usually involve the following, but these may be revised by the Head of School should circumstances so require:
o a regular weekday lunchtime and evening duty
o weekend duties on 1 in 3 weekends (approximately 10 or 11 per year)
● Maintain notes and plans of lessons undertaken and keep records of students’ work.
● Mark, monitor and return student work within a reasonable and agreed time span providing constructive oral and written feedback and clear targets for future learning as appropriate and keep records of students’ performance as required by the
Departmental marking policy or the Deputy Heads.
● Complete student formative and summative assessments in line with policy and as
specified in the published calendar, including the House feedback system.
● Be familiar with the college’s procedures for identification and assessment of Special
Educational Needs, E.A.L need and other Learning Support.
● Provide mark reading information and write detailed reports on students as per the
College calendar.
● Attend parents’ meetings as designated in the College calendar.
● Contribute to the Activities and CAS programme on a weekly basis in consultation with the Activities and CAS Coordinator;
● Participate in the Expeditions programme, including the Winter and Summer Long Expeditions in consultation with the Head of Expeditions and Deputy Head. Participation in expeditions is encouraged for all staff, and appears on the weekend Duty Rota.
● Contribute to the annual Aiglon Discovery Trips (ADT) in consultation with the Deputy Head.
Communication and Meetings
1. Attend staff, Department, parents’ meetings and other meetings when required.
2. Support effective communication by forwarding documentation to the relevant staff.
3. Assist with the Department’s contribution to the school marketing effort.
4. PreservethegoodnameofAiglonCollegeinalldealingswiththewiderpublic.
Person Specification
A teacher is expected to:
1. Demonstrate responsibility, by motivating and enthusing staff and students, giving direction and showing initiative and drive, and demonstrating good judgement
2. Work effectively with other people, by treating people equally and with sensitivity, and developing good working relationships
3. Get the job done, by delivering what is required within deadlines and to the appropriate quality
4. Manage resources effectively, in particular demonstrating strong time management skills, but also effective management of equipment, ICT, information and accommodation
5. Communicate clearly, by getting across the message effectively, listening carefully and responding to feedback
6. Look the part, by maintaining a professional and business-like appearance.
7. Foster a positive professional climate t hrough constructive, empowering behaviours and
a positive mindset
8. Act as a role model to students, e xemplifying a positive attitude in line with the school’s
Guiding Principles.
Job descriptions are not set in stone, and they are, over time, subject to change and amendment.
Aiglon is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. All shortlisted applicants will undergo child protection screening appropriate to the post.
At the Head of School’s request, an employee may agree to take on an increased commitment to House or other duties in lieu of the standard Expeditions requirements (as outlined above) or vice-versa. Such arrangements are entirely at the Head of School’s discretion.
Number of lessons per week, lesson remission for any responsibility and tenure length of the position will be discussed at interview.
Teacher of Mandarin will be required to undergo a yearly professional evaluation using the Aiglon Professional Development and Review programme. There is generous provision for Continued Professional Development.
Teacher of Mandarin will be expected to participate fully in the total life of the School. The nature of the position is such that the Teacher of Mandarin, may be required to be available outside “normal” school hours.
The financial remuneration is generous and the position (including the responsibility allowance) for an externally appointed, full time teacher (this includes tutoring, weekend duties, and activities) is in the salary range from 53,676 CHF to 96,936 CHF annually. All Aiglon positions also include an employer and employee pension contributions.
All Aiglon staff who work 67% and above are entitled to a 100% fee remission for their children to be educated at Aiglon provided the student admission requirements are met. All teaching staff who are contracted for 100% may also benefit from a fee remission for their children aged 5-9 to be educated in a specified local international primary school.
TMD - March 2021



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